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July 2013 - Consulting with Securities and Commodities Agency of UAE United Arab Emirates.

June - Select Programs approved by the Supreme Council of Egypt

May 2013 - GAFM Launches new programs in Asia and Africa.  Program meets with success for VIP executive training worldwide.

Feb 2013 - Several GAFM credentials featured in the:  U. S. Department of Labor,
Employment and Training Administration

Jan 2013 - GAFM Discloses its AFA ® and AMA ® credentials and standards to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Jan 2013 - Advisory Board Meetings in San Diego.

2012 - The Academy Recognizes the best ACCREDITED  finance and accounting degrees in the world. See List

Nov 2012  - The GAFM Board  consults with US Federal Government on Finance, Business and Management Careers and The Future for the 5th year.

July 2012  - The GAFM Body agrees to consult with United Nations again and work with the Public Finance and Trade Programmes. See UN Civil Society

July 2010 - The  Economics Certifying Board celebrates a decade of service in recognizes government recognized and accredited education as a certification path.

Jan 2009 - The Boards approved Management credentials featured in featured in: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, EuroInvestor News UK, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar News, Digital50 News, Direkt Broker Germany News, Ad Hoc News, Centre Daily News, Earth Times, Yahoo News, University of California News, NEWS, Express Computers Business News in India, and more.

Jan 2008 - Expansion of approved programs in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

April 2007 - Committee Meetings in New York City with representatives from other countries

Feb. 2007 - New Degree Programs selected and approved.

Jan. 2006 - Advisory meetings held in Asia to establish global standards

Dec. 2004 - Global Advisory Board meets in Europe for discussions on international relations.

2000 - IBS GBM forms alliance with the Graduate Leadership Institute. IBS now offers Sales Management Training and Certification.

1998 - A board of standards for certification created to mandate high standards in certification.

1997 - The academy chartered. The designation standards established.

1996 - The Financial Analyst and Tax credentials created and founded.

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"There is no substitute for knowledge"

Dr. William Edwards Deming
(Author, lecturer and consultant & professor) University of Colorado, MS, Yale PhD

 Accredited Certified Financial Analyst Chartered Accountant

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